Because We Like To Work Together

Our Scout's Code of Conduct

Why do we need this?

Scouting is all about FUN, FRIENDSHIP and ADVENTURE and these can only be achieved by working together.

By requiring certain behaviours from our members, we provide a greater freedom for the Group as a whole and everyone who is part of it as well as keeping both Scouts and Leaders safe. We all therefore need to keep to a few simple rules.

These rules were all drawn up by the Scouts themselves and each Scout must agree to abide by them.


Uniform should be worn for all Scouting activities whether at our headquarters or external events unless notified to the contrary.

Uniform should be worn correctly, neatly and without fuss during the formal parts of activities such as flag break, investitures and badge presentations.

Uniform should be respected at all times it is worn.


All section members should listen attentively when Leaders are talking or when explaining details of games and activities and will wait until the leader has finished explaining the details before asking questions.

Everybody should help minimise the amount of time spent listening to instructions by avoiding interrupting, talking over other people, chatting to others or making any noise.

If a leader calls for quiet such as raising an arm, calling ‘Troop’ or blowing a whistle, then everybody must immediately stop what they are doing and keep quiet until told to continue.

No one makes a noise or causes disruption during quiet times such as at the beginning or end of meetings, when game rules are being explained, or when a Leader requests silence.

Friendly and Helpful

We expect everybody to be friendly to everyone, treating him or her in the way they would like to be treated.

Section members are expected to try their best in everything, even games and activities that they do not like.

Section members shall always encourage others by being constructive and helping them to do better. Negative comments and criticism are not to be used.


All members of the group should have respect for all other members of the Group as individuals, whatever their difference.

Respect should be shown to all property and equipment which should be looked after and put away correctly after use and shall not be deliberately damaged nor misused.

Bullying is not tolerated at any time and immediate action will be taken to prevent it.


All activities will be run in accordance with Scout Association safety rules and procedures.

Everybody must listen to and obey all safety rules explained by leaders or instructors.

During activities, unsafe or inappropriate behaviour is not permitted under any circumstances and will result in exclusion from the activities if carried out.


All members should always tell the truth and show that they can be relied upon to follow safety rules, be on time and do as they are asked.

Section members are expected to keep the Scout Promise.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are potentially both disruptive and can cause Scouts to isolate themselves.

At meetings and activities mobile phones are to be kept switched off (not silent but off).

I will talk with the Scouts about their thoughts on taking phones to camp.  Most groups have a strict 'no electronics' rule and although I favour that I'm willing to listen to well constructed arguments to the contrary...

We Recognise Achievement

As an integral part of our behaviour policy we recognise achievement and Scouts who put in the extra effort.  We award 'Scout of the Month' as well as individual letters of congratulations to acknowledge and reinforce positive behaviour.  We do not give these out easily so if your Scout earns one it means they have really excelled and should be very proud of themselves.

But What Happens If A Scout Decides Not To Act Like A Scout?

We all make mistakes and part of growing and developing is to understand the boundaries around us and that our decisions may have consequences.

Should a Scout step too far outside of acceptable behaviour we have a simple system in place - a verbal warning followed by a 'yellow card' followed by a 'red card'.

As with the Code of Conduct itself, this was drawn up with direct input from the Scouts themselves and each Scout has agreed to abide by it.  You can read more about it here.