Knife Safety

Keeping Scouts Safe With Knifes, Axes and Saws

Safety is our primary concern but we also understand that Scouts love to have their own penknives and that they are genuinely useful and practical tools for many of the activities we undertake.

For a Scout to be able to bring a knife to camp they must have completed the first stage of the Survival Skills badge which teaches knife safety AND have a permit from us to bring a knife.

We know Scouts will treat their knives responsibly and that we'd never have to have a discussion with them about how difficult regaining that permit would be... would we Scouts?!

I Want To Bring A Penknife - What Do I Need To Do?

Being allowed to bring a penknife to camp is a privilege, not a right.

To bring a penknife you must have two things:

  • Completed the Knife Safety part of the Survival Skills badge
  • Have a valid permit from the Group

The Knife Safety course will be included in the Scout programme and we'll run extra ones if possible before or during camps so that even if you don't have a permit you can hand your knife in at the start of camp and be allowed to keep it once you've passed.

An example of the Knife safety training may be that you go through the training with us, answer some questions and then show us how to make an item such as chopsticks or tent pegs in a safe and responsible manner.  Do that and you gain your permit.  Do not expect to automatically receive a permit!  The safe and responsible part is important!

Watch the videos below to see the level of skill and attitude that is expected of you.

With all that in mind it shouldn't be a big surprise that if you mess around with a knife that you'll lose your permit.  Regaining a permit will be much harder than gaining it initially - you've been warned...


Ray Mears on how to use an axe to cut firewood

Ray Mears on how to make fire-hardened tent pegs